Stop the Blacklist Now

The Freedom Center is mounting a campaign to oppose the blacklists compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center – a notorious smear site – and, a radical group which has appropriated the SPLC "hate group" list and targeted the funding sources of mainstream conservative organizations in an effort to suppress our free speech.

While opposing the fictional "hate" of mainstream conservatives, Southern Poverty Law Center has itself spread real hate. In 2013, a man who read the SPLC attack on the "homophobic" Family Research Center entered that group's headquarters and began shooting. Just this year, another man who read the SPLC's slanderous charge that Congressman Steve Scalise was "racist" opened fire on the legislator at a baseball field.

Along with the violent Antifa attacks on peaceful protestors, this SPLC-inspired witch-hunt against mainstream conservative groups is an aggressive assault on the First Amendment rights that are the basis of America's freedoms. Please sign the petition and make a donation to join us in the fight to defend them.
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